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Inland ECDIS is a system for the display of electronic inland navigation charts and additional information. Its purpose is to contribute to safety and efficiency of inland navigation and thus also to protection of the environment. Simultaneously Inland ECDIS is to reduce the workload when navigating the ship as compared to traditional navigation and information methods. Inland ECDIS provides also the basis for other River Information Services (RIS), e.g. Inland AIS. 

Inland ECDIS Expert Group

The European Expert Group Inland ECDIS is an international platform that develops and maintains a harmonized European and Russian standard for Electronic Chart Display and Information System for Inland Navigation (Inland ECDIS). The European and Russian Inland ECDIS standard is based on the standards of the International Hydrographic Organisation (IHO) for maritime Electronic Navigational Chart (ENC), the standards of the Inland ENC Harmonization Group (IEHG) for Inland ENC and the standards of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) for maritime ECDIS.

The Expert Group submits proposals to the European Commission and other interested international organisations (e.g. the Central Commission for Navigation on the Rhine, the Danube Commission, the UN/ECE) and national authorities for formalisation.

The European Inland ECDIS expert group serves as independent international platform to ensure a harmonized development of the Inland ECDIS standard in the different international organisations.

Inland ECDIS standard

The Inland ECDIS standard provides a uniform basis for the use of electronic inland navigation charts and for the use of telematics applications like Inland AIS transponders or other methods of identifying, tracing and tracking of vessels on inland waterways. It contains the technical and operational requirements, testing methods and required test results for Inland ECDIS applications.

Find here the current edition of the Inland ECDIS Standard: Standards for Inland ECDIS

The current status of the Product Specification for Inland ENCs including the Inland ENC Feature Catalogue and the Inland ENC Encoding Guide and the Presentation Library, the symbols and lookup-tables are published under

Inland ECDIS public documents

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