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 Electronic reporting and electronic messaging is the way to a paperless environment in inland shipping. All necessary information is available at the right time and in the right place. The messages address the parties concerned ensuring a fast dispatch and transparent procedures with appropriate controls and simplified water transport processes.

Information on vessel and cargo data over a large area is important for all those participating in transport operation: Authorities, lock operators, emergency services, port operators, fleet operators. For that reason, electronic ship reporting systems are set up. The Standard for Electronic Ship Reporting in Inland Navigation describes the messages, data items and codes to be used in electronic ship reporting for the different services of RIS.

ERI Expert Group

The Expert Group Electronic Reporting International (ERI) is an international platform that drafts and submits proposals regarding the ERI standard to the Central Rhine Commission, the European Commission, the Danube Commission and other interested international organisations for formalisation. ERI sets up working agreements regarding the standardisation of reports to, from and between waterway managers, and ensures the maintenance and use of harmonised reference tables for this purpose.

ERI standard
  • Describes the messages, data items, codes and references to be used in electronic reporting for the different services and functions of River Information Services (RIS).
  • Contains the basic and most important recommendations for electronic reporting. Some rules and recommended practices for special measures have to be complemented after further experience has been gained.
  • Addresses the relation between private parties (shippers, skippers, terminal operators, fleet managers) and public parties (waterway authorities, public ports). The relationship between private parties without involvement of public partners (e.g. the relationship between skippers and terminal operators) is not addressed.
Download here the last version of the ERI standard:

European Commission Regulation for Electronic Ship Reporting in Inland Navigation

ERI public documents

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