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The Inland ECDIS standard provides a uniform basis for the use of electronic inland navigation charts and for the use of telematics applications like Inland AIS transponders or other methods of identifying, tracing and tracking of vessels on inland waterways. It contains the technical and operational requirements, testing methods and required test results for Inland ECDIS applications.

This is an overview of the supported versions of the standard throught legislations.

Edition 2.0:
  • EU -
  • CCNR - 2006
  • UNECE - 2007
  • DC - 2007
Edition 2.1:
  • EU -
  • CCNR - Adopted, but not in force
  • UNECE - Accepted, but not published
  • DC - Adopted, but not in force
Edition 2.2: This is just an edition of the Product Specification for Inland ENCs with amendments for South America. There is no edition 2.2 of the European Inland ECDIS Standard.

Edition 2.3:
  • EU - published as Commission Regulation No 909/2013 of 10 September 2013 on the technical specifications for the electronic chart display and information system for inland navigation (Inland ECDIS) referred to in Directive 2005/44/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council
  • CCNR - adopted in 2011
  • UNECE – adopted in 2012
  • DC - the DC refers to the recommendations of UNECE
Edition 2.4:
  • EU – adoption pending
  • CCNR – adoption pending
  • UNECE – adopted in 2015
  • DC - the DC refers to the recommendations of UNECE

Available downloads:
Available downloads: