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The RIS Index is a standardized structure for the description of geo-related RIS reference data maintained by the Joint Task Force on the RIS Index. The RIS Index serves the purpose of addressing waterway objects unambiguously in RIS systems.

Reference data of objects relevant for Inland Navigation (e.g. gauge stations, waterway axes, lock chambers, bridges, harbours, berths, terminals) shall be maintained by member states within their area of competence. According to Article 4(3)(a) of the RIS Directive 2005/44/EC Member States shall supply to RIS users all relevant data concerning navigation and voyage planning on inland waterways. These data shall be provided at least in an accessible electronic format. Annex I of the RIS Directive is listing such data.

All RIS Expert Groups agreed on the data format for reference data of objects; this is the so-called “RIS Index”. A template including the data structure,an Encoding Guide including the specification of the data was approved by all RIS Expert Groups. All RIS standards make use of the RIS Index / are compatible with the RIS Index. The RIS Index contains a unique identifier for each object, the so called ISRS (International Ship Reporting Standard) Location Code.

    AT = UN country code[1] (Austria)
    LNZ = UN location code[2] (Linz)
    00001 = river identifier (Danube)
    G0009 = Object Reference Code, whereas
         G = Gauge station
         0009 = object number (gauge station number 9)
    21352 = river hectometer (km 2135.2)

[1] ISO 3166-1-alpha-2 code elements
[2] United Nations Code for Trade and Transport Locations (UNECE location code): http://www.unece.org/cefact/locode/service/location.html

Besides the ISRS Location Code the RIS Index also provides the type and name of objects, geo-coordinates (WGS84) for the location of objects, date and source of the information as well as other reference data for objects.
The sum of all national RIS Indices is stored in the European Reference Data Management System (ERDMS) as central repository of the national RIS Indices.

The following information is available for download:

RIS Index Encoding Guide including the structure of the RIS Index as well as provisions for encoding of waterway objects within the RIS Index.

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