Austrian Notices to Skippers now online

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Notices to Skippers are an important element of the River Information Services (RIS) operated by via donau. Since March 2011, a new inquiry interface is available in 12 languages. The fairway and traffic-related messages, the water related messages as well as the ice messages are available in code format in 24 languages and are standardised by the European Commission.

In addition to the standardised messages, via donau also offers the „Fairway information overview“. This provides an overview of 
- water levels 
- shallow sections,
- all the lock chambers
- currently valid fairway and traffic-related messages in PDF format.
In case of blockages due to ice formation, the locks issue an enhanced ice message which provides an overview about ice in and around the locks. The ice report provides a summary on the formation of ice for the entire Austrian Danube.

All Notices to Skippers can be retrieved at An e-mail service is also available on this page. For those who wish to receive the e-mail notifications, please click “Registration e-mail service“. Registered users can add the different types of messages, formats and languages to their e-mail subscription.

For questions to the new Notices to Skippers, please write an email to