Expert Groups (co)chairpersons discuss future

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On 14 June 2011, the (co)chairs and various RIS experts met during a working dinner in Rotterdam, hosted by PLATINA. The major agende item: asssessment of the RIS Expert Groups. A first draft of a PLATINA report based on a questionnaire was presented.

During the working dinner it was commonly felt that :
  • The EG's deliver a substantial contribution to European RIS standardization (thus development);
  • The EG's function on a voluntary and independent basis - the EG's should continue to be independent;
  • The EG's work could be improved by structural administrative assistance - preferably paid for by an international instituation (e.g the EC);
  • The European Commission needs too much time to transpose the EG's proposals for standardization into EU legislation - a maximum time should be introduced;
  • The EG's should continue to cover all European countries - not only EU Member States;
  • The EG's could also play a role in harmonisation of implementation.
Based on the outcome of the meeting, PLATINA will draft a follow-up to the asssessment report, also covering future scenario's for RIS EG support, to be discussed with the (co)chairs of the meeting (inlcuding the invited RIS experts). On 16 November 2011, this issue might feature on the agenda of the RIS Common Issue meeting (After approval of the EG (co)chairs).