New RIS portal launched

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This RIS portal was prepared by PLATINA based on comments received from various stakeholders on the previous RIS portal. Goal: to enhance transparancy about RIS in Europa and lower the thresholds for laymen to get acquainted on what RIS is all about. Fascinating stuff...

RIS is a huge opportunity for inland navigation to enhance its competitiveness and profit from the European sustainability agenda. The last 15 years, much work has been executed. A lot of work should still be done. RIS work relates to:
  • Standardization;
  • Harmonisation;
  • Implementation;
  • Exploring new insights and
  • Interconnecting technologies between the transport modes.  
RIS offers a window of opportunities. Time to find the spirit to change the limits. Interaction and involvement are essential - RIS is too important to leave it to the experts only.

Join us and contribute, please. Your reactions are most welcome.