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Antwerp Port Authority has launched the pilot phase of an Inland Automatic Identification System (AIS) for barges throughout the port area. The pilot phase will be an ideal opportunity to prepare the in-depth introduction and to fine-tune the system before it becomes obligatory (on 1 January 2012). 

 The Antwerp AIS system :
  • will enable the departments responsible for barge safety and traffic control to operate more efficiently.
  • allow vessels equipped with inland AIS operational benefits when passing through the locks in the port of Antwerp.
Barges equipped with an Inland AIS device transmit information such as the name, position, speed and destination of the barge. These messages, in addition to improving safety and efficiency, will also favour abetter use of the port facilities, a more efficient managing of the berths, optimal lock operations and so on. In the long run it will be possible to monitor and direct traffic flows proactively from a barge coordination centre.

Inland AIS also belongs to the “Barge Master Plan”, which aims at positioning barge transport more effectively within the overall flow of freight, both commercially and in the use of facilities.
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