Roadmap RIS Index Encoding Guide

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The Joint Task Force (JTF) functions under the auspices of the Expert Group (EG) on Notices to Skippers (NtS) - to develop an new RIS Index Encoding guide. The results of the JTF work will be presented to all EGs, as all EG have to benefit from a new RIS Encoding Guide.  

The NtS Expert Group has accepted the following roadmap for the work of the JTF:
  1. Feedback on the previously circulated working version 0.91 of the RIS Index Encoding Guide is latest due to 31st August 2011.
  2. A consolidated version of the document is to be presented at the next NtS Expert Group meeting (15th November 2011).
  3. A draft final version of the document is planned to be elaborated by 31st December 2011.
The above roadmap foresees a meeting of the JTF somewhere end of September, beginning of October 2011.