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On 16 November 2011, PLATINA hosted the third RIS Common Issues meeting in Venice. Some 65 people participated. The meeting was opened by professor Paolo Costas of the Venice Port Authority, identifyingf the importance to develop a strong European approach (as recently proposed by the EC in the revised TEN-T guidelines and Connecting Europe Facility, 2014-2020).

During the meeting the EC presented its approach. Italy presented it's 4.2 million Euro TEN-T RIS project on the river Po (started June 2011) and also the various EU common RIS projects (IRIS Europe II, NEWADA, RISING and PLATINA) were presented. The need was identified to :
  • study the feasibility of an EU FIS project,
  • update RIS projects (old, ongoing and new) in the RIS webportal.
Most attendees actively engaged in a discussion covering the following generic issues:
  • Consolidation (maintain – closing the gaps - use)
  • RIS to be part of total (connectivity) - RIS to connect to e-Freight/e-Maritime/Single Window (further streamline Information Services)
  • RIS Framework Directive (is it fully implemented - goals and accoring to the text and do we need monitoring)?
  • International data exchange (what should EC do, what can countries do themselves)
  • Are we sufficient USER driven (who are the actors, and what do they want)?
  • Are we cooperating efficiently on RIS? 
  • What common/new technologies do we need?
  • What is the strategic focus? (until 2014 and after 2014)

Stefanie Sorze (Sistem Territoriali) and Luce Crose (Agenzia Fiume PO) presenting the 
Italian TEN-T RIS project 

The draft meeting minutes and the presentations are available on the right column.
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