Horizon 2020: Announcement for 'Moving freight by water '

News > Horizon 2020: Announcement for 'Moving freight by water '

The call will be opened September 5th, 2018, it is RIA (Research and Innovation action) type from Work Programme Part - Smart, green and integrated transport.

Specific Expected Impact is:

"Decongest road and/or city infrastructure. Reduce the CO2 and air pollutant emissions of intra-European freight transport. Enhance the performance of the CEF TEN-T network. Substantially increase the amount of freight fed from intercontinental European ports using waterborne transport. Modernise, increase the reliability and competitiveness of Intra European Waterborne transport. Proposal should demonstrate that the deployment of solutions can increase the quantity of freight moved by Inland Waterways or Short Sea Shipping by at least 10% by 2030 compared to 2010 baseline data. "

More info available on the official website.