Transport and Cyber Security – 2nd European Cyber Day

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The second edition of the European Cyber Day on 27 June 2018 in Brussels will be the occasion for the Europeans to talk about cybersecurity in the particular sector of transport.

Information and communications technology has become the backbone of our economic growth and is a critical resource which all economic sectors rely on. It now underpins the complex systems which keep our economies running in key sectors such as finance, health, energy and transport; while many business models are built on the uninterrupted availability of the Internet and the smooth functioning of information systems.

Until now, the transportation and logistics industry has not prioritized cybersecurity except in cases where life was on the line, where the most sophisticated protections are used. But the direct costs from cybersecurity breaches are growing exponentially, and companies – even small ones – need to invest in new systems and more comprehensive risk management.

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