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Delivery of Equipment to Expand Infrastructure for the Elbe-Vltava Waterway Radiotelephone Operation

To be implemented within the project of "Expansion of Infrastructure for the Radiotelephone Operation of the Elbe-Vltava Waterway". The Public Contract needs to be awarded to ensure delivery of equipment for the shoreside infrastructure for vessel radiotelephone ›››

RIS enabled Hungarian Inland Navigation Information System (HIR)

The Hungarian section of the Danube river is 417 km long and is an important part of the Rhine-Danube Corridor. As part of the TEN-T inland waterways, it has to be fitted with RIS in line with Directive 2005/44/EC. The Action aims to entirely replace ›››

AIRIS-PS - Advanced Implementation of RIS in Port of Seville and Guadalquivir Euroway

The Port of Seville is the only core inland port in Spain. It is connected to the sea by the 90 km inland waterway Guadalquivir EuroWay. The Action is part of a global project, known as Strategic Plan for the Port of Seville (SP4PS) project, aiming to ›››

Upgrading Flemish RIS Infrastructure

The Flemish TEN-T network of waterways contains about 600 km of waterways located on the North Sea - Mediterranean Corridor, North Sea-Baltic Corridor and the Rhine-Alpine Corridor. The proposed Action is part of a global project aiming to implement RIS ›››

Study for standard enhancement and interconnection of national systems of RIS-Italy

The main objective of the Action is to provide full RIS system and create the conditions for optimal use of the waterways. The activities consist of data completion using bathymetric ENCs and NtS upgrade, development of RIVUS web user interface, improvement ›››

Enhance the Efficiency of Hungarian RIS Operation

The objective of the Action is to enhance River Information Services (RIS) system in order to support efficient and safe inland navigation on the Danube. The Action consists of works to enhance traffic management services, modernise on-shore RIS ›››

Implementation of RIS in Belgium

The Action aims to implement successfully RIS in Belgium in the framework of the RIS Directive (2005/44/EC). The objective is to provide Belgium with an updated, more robust and extended RIS environment in line with the RIS Directive. The Action consists ›››


The Covadem project (cooperative navigable depth measurements – Coöperatieve vaardieptemetingen) was launched in April 2013. The project is aimed at sharing current navigable depth measurements, with the help of which shipmasters will be able to navigate ›››

CORISMA - RIS Enabled European IWT Corridor Management

The CoRISMa participating countries, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands see it as their mission to improve the use and interconnection of RIS systems with a strong focus on stakeholder needs (ports, logistics and transport companies, ›››

Digital Inland Waterway Area (DINA) and Digital Multimodal Nodes

The concept of Digital Inland Waterway Area (DINA) and the Digital Multimodal Nodes (DMN) elaborate to creation of a digital single market for inland navigation. It is an important step to ensure inland navigation as a smart transport mode can easily ›››


Based on the experience and results of its predecessor project CoRISMa, the new project called RIS COMEX (River Information Services Corridor Management Execution) is about to continue the pan-European expansion of River Information Services for inland ›››


CRORIS (Croatian River Information Services) project included the development and implementation of River information services on Croatian rivers Drava and Danube. The project included two phases. Phase I represented research and development in line ›››


NEWADA duo project (Network of Danube Waterway Administrations - data and user) is a follow-up of the successful NEWADA project. Project objectives are: - improved waterway management (integrated, sustainable and regionally coordinated) - enhanced ›››


The River Information Service of Ukraine (UkrRIS ) was designed specifically to ensure safe and effective navigation on inland waterways at the European level. The UkrRIS is intended to provide the user with operational and reference information on the ›››

IRIS Europe 3

The project IRIS Europe 3 – Implementation of River Information Services in Europe 3 – started in January 2012 and ended in December 2014. The project was co-funded by the European Commission within the TEN-T programme. Partners of 7 EU Member States ›››

Realisation VOS

The project Realisation VOS develops a new information and tracking system to support vessel traffic management on the Dutch waterways. The abbreviation VOS stands for ˜Verkeersmanagement Ondersteuning voor de Scheepvaart"(English translation: Vessel ›››

ENC Production & Distribution NL

The objective of the project is: - to define standardized Inland ENC product specifications - to produce harmonized inland ENC’s. Various production systems will be harmonized and integrated into one system, possibly to be further developed and ›››

Vessel Traffic Management Centres of the Future

The project (VTMC) aims at defining a new generation of traffic management centres in the Netherlands. The new generation of traffic management centres will integrate the bridge and lock management services with Vessel Traffic Services under the umbrella ›››

RIS implementation Netherlands

The aim of the RIS implementation in the Netherlands is to realise practically all RIS function groups for Inland Navigation. Over the last years the focus on the realization of a single window for waterway information, the so called FIS NL and on the ›››

Implementation of River Information Services (RIS) on the Danube River in Republic of Serbia

Serbia was among the first countries to prepare Electronic Navigational Charts and set up a RIS test centre on the central Danube. In line with the Directive 2005/44/EC, the overall programme for the introduction of RIS on the Serbian Danube started in ›››


NEWADA, Network of Danube Waterway Administrations aimed at increasing the efficiency of the Danube as the European Transport Corridor VII by intensifying cooperation between waterway administrations to promote inland navigation as a cost-effective and ›››

Studies for the development of RIS operability along the nothern Italian waterway system

The Action supports the improvement of the management capacity of the Northern Italian Waterway System (NIWS) by financing the organisational, technical and legal studies related to setting up a RIS system. The studies will be validated through the implementation ›››


New concepts, architectures and information services and management of vessel traffic and inland transport harmonized with European trends. See


The objective of RISING (2009-2012) is identify, integrate and further develop information services (RIS) for Inland Waterway Transport (IWT) in order to efficiently support operators in the logistic chain. As IWT is an integral part of co-modal transport ›››


The Project BULRIS (‘Implementation of River Information System in Bulgarian stretch of the river Danube’) involves the development of a modern infrastructure and communication environment for providing information for the navigation along the Danube. ›››

RIS Equipment Programme Serbia

The "RIS Equipment Program Serbia” has been launched by the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia. The programme contains several projects for the implementation of RIS in Serbia, financed by the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance ›››

Deployment of Inland AIS transponders in Flanders and the Netherlands

This project - started in 2010 and ready December 2012, intends to complete a similar 2008 project by launching and undertaking a new Automatic Identification System (AIS) equipment subsidy programme in Flanders (Belgium), as well as reinforcing the existing ›››

RIS Poland

The project started in 2010 and will end December 2013. It is the very first stage of Polish RIS deployment and consists of: - the preparation of a RIS feasibility study on the Lower Oder river and - the launch of its related pilot scheme. The pilot ›››


DoRIS(Donau River Information Services) project was initiated according to the Austria's "National Action Plan Danube Navigation" in 2006. The core function of the DoRIS information system is to record and display vessels on an electronic navigational ›››

Full deployment AIS transponders Germany/the Netherlands

The aim of this particular action is to install inland AIS (Automatic Identification System) transponders on all vessels longer than 20 metres or all shorter vessels that operate commercially and use the main waterways (class IV and higher) in Germany ›››

Study and implementation of AIS monitoring network

The aim is to install an inland AIS (Automatic Identification System) monitoring network covering all the waterways of the Netherlands, including: - interfacing with other existing maritime AIS monitoring networks and integrating with Vessel Tracking ›››

IRIS Europe II

The project IRIS Europe II – Implementation of River Information Services in Europe II – started in January 2009 and ended in December 2011. The project was co-funded by the European Commission within the TEN-T programme. Partners of 9 EU Member States ›››


The fairway between the seaports of Rotterdam and Antwerp consists of several locks. While the fairway itself is not a capacity bottleneck, the locks sometimes cause delays and queues. The LIVRA project aims to achieve more reliable sailing times on the ›››

RIS Flanders II

River Information Services (RIS) are customised information services for inland waterway transport that make it possible to co-ordinate logistical processes with actual transport situations on a constant basis. RIS play a key role in making cargo transport ›››

FIS The Netherlands

The objective of the Action is to develop and implement Fairway Information Services (FIS) that will fully comply with the RIS Directive and subsequent technical specifications. All available fairway information for skippers will be combined and integrated ›››

RIS Western Scheldt

RIS Implementation Area: Vlissingen-Treneuze-Gent-Antwerpen-Wintam Phase 1: Study – 2008 (Finished) Phase 2: Realisation 2009 – 2011 2009: - Start Implementation of the RIS Index -Upgrade maritime AIS network to Inland AIS network -First implementation ›››


In 2006, Voies Navigables de France (VNF) – national RIS authority - started a pilot RIS implementation project - called SIF I - on the Seine-Scheldt waterway axis. The SIF I project (co-financed by TEN-T) set up: - a traffic monitoring system - an ›››
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