The Project BULRIS (‘Implementation of River Information System in Bulgarian stretch of the river Danube’) involves the development of a modern infrastructure and communication environment for providing information for the navigation along the Danube. The current information for the condition of the fairway and the traffic shall significantly assist the effective management of shipping and shall help reduce cases of emergency. The data exchange for statistical and customs purposes shall help to increase effectiveness of the partnerships between the concerned institutions. BULRIS is executed by Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure Company (BPI Co), beneficiary of the Operational Programme ‘Transport’ 2007–2013.

Between August and September 2011, tests of the sub-systems in the region of north-eastern Bulgaria -covering six sites in Rousse, Silistra, Toutrakan, and Varna - were executed. After their completion, in the Eastern part of Bulgaria a fully developed telecommunications network has been established. It will enable the transmission of information to and from the ships sailing on the river and to maintain constant radio contact with the Centre of the River Information System in Rousse (RIS Centre Rousse).

BULRIS will provide application software to issue notices to skippers. BULRIS will also electronically make mandatory reports to the coastal authorities, and create a potential for detailed visual traffic monitoring and automatic identification of the navigation vessels. This will ensure effective data exchange with the other Danube countries.

BULRIS is financed by the European Regional Development Fund through Operational Programme’ 2007–2013. Overall Project implementation will be completed in 2013. The total investment will amount to 18 089 133 Euro.

The BULRIS system targets at development and implementation of harmonized river information services to support the inland waterways transport with a view to improving the safety, efficiency of the waterborne transport, environmental protection and facilitating connection with the other transport modes.


Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure Company (BPI Co)


Nelly Velinova



More than 5.000.000








Inland AIS and/or infrastructure
Inland ECDIS
NtS Notice to Skippers
Electronic Reporting International ERI


fairway information
traffic information
traffic management
calamity abatement support
information for transport management


Ready before 2015
Project finalized