Studies for the development of RIS operability along the nothern Italian waterway system

The Action supports the improvement of the management capacity of the Northern Italian Waterway System (NIWS) by financing the organisational, technical and legal studies related to setting up a RIS system. The studies will be validated through the implementation of a RIS pilot scheme to test the viability and the effectiveness of the system in supporting the efficient management of the waterway. A RIS centre, 4 base stations, the equipment of 20 vessels and a software prototype development will be realised as part of the pilot.

The Action aims at defining the technical, legal and organisational requirements for the implementation of a RIS system on the NIWS, to increase its levels of efficiency, safety and integration in the logistics chain, according to the NIWS masterplan.

The feasibility studies of the RIS system along the NIWS will pave the way for its full implementation, in order to increase the traffic management capacity, the safety of the system and make the inland navigation in Northern Italy more attractive and reliable. Moreover, the adoption of the EU RIS standard at legal, organisational and technical levels will ease the interoperability of the system with other transport modes linked to the major European inland waterways, as rail (PP1 and PP6) and the maritime transport.

The project kick off took place in 2011 and the inception report was completed end September 2011. Functional requirements have been completed in 2012. Procurement process for the development of the software prototype is ongoing and expected to be completed by the end of the Action.


Agenzia Interregionale per il fiume Po


Ivano Galvani



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Inland AIS and/or infrastructure
Inland ECDIS
NtS Notice to Skippers
Electronic Reporting International ERI


fairway information
traffic information
traffic management
calamity abatement support
information for transport management
statistics and customs services


Project ongoing
Ready before 2015