Vessel Traffic Management Centres of the Future

The project (VTMC) aims at defining a new generation of traffic management centres in the Netherlands. The new generation of traffic management centres will integrate the bridge and lock management services with Vessel Traffic Services under the umbrella of corridor oriented network management. The project is co-funded by the European Commission as part of the TEN-T (Trans European Transport Network)-programme. The main objectives of the VTMC-project are:

• Develop a comprehensive Vessel Trafic Management (VTM) system aiming at improving VTM processes and services for internal and external stakeholders. This will lead to a reference design for an integral VTM approach;
• Testing and evaluating the design in an operational environment (pilot centre);
• Transition plan for the gradual implementation of the VTM centres in the Netherlands.

The VTMC project integrates the RIS services as supported by the RIS key technologies implemented in the Netherlands in previous years - such as the European standardized technology inland Automatic Identification System (AIS), Electronic Reporting International (ERI), Notices to Skippers (NtS), inland Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS).

Besides the conceptual development of a comprehensive VTM system aiming at improving VTM processes and services to stakeholders. The TEN-T VTMC project consists of a number of additional activities within the time period 2011-2014:
• Improvement of the logistic chain's performance through a study and a pilot. The development and testing of measures in the field of Traffic Information Services (TIS) through traffic and voyage planning is an important part of this activity.
• Study and pilot on the implementation of a reporting system for the Rhine based on the EU technical Regulation 164/2010 as a cooperative effort between Germany and The Netherlands
• A definition study and a pilot development for Nautical Network Data Services (NNDS)

Key facts and figures:
Total project costs: €7,745,000
EU contribution: €3,872,500


NL Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, Rijkswaterstaat and DE Bundesministerium für Verkehr, Bau und Stadtentwicklung


Paul Penders,



More than 5.000.000




Nieuwe Maas
Bergsche Maas
Gent-Terneuzen kanaal




Inland AIS and/or infrastructure
Inland ECDIS
NtS Notice to Skippers
Electronic Reporting International ERI


traffic information
traffic management


Project ongoing
Ready before 2015