The River Information Service of Ukraine (UkrRIS ) was designed specifically to ensure safe and effective navigation on inland waterways at the European level. The UkrRIS is intended to provide the user with operational and reference information on the navigation conditions on the inland waterways of Ukraine (Ukrainian area of the Danube River and the Dnieper River), about the movement and deployment of the fleet, the state of waterworks and waterways, freight flows and traffic flow.
The UkrRIS control center is located in Odessa. Besides the control center, the system consists of six subcenters on the Dnieper river and three subcenters on the Danube river, as well as twenty four automatic stations AIS on the Dnieper river and two automatic stations AIS on the Danube river, which are networked. The subcenters are located at locks on the Dnieper Cascade at the cities New Kahovka, Zaporozhye, Dneprodzerzhinsk, Svetlovodsk, Kanev and Vyshgorod (Kiev). In the coverage areas of the subcenters, the VHF communication is used.
The system kernel is a hardware-software complex of base stations network on the basis of the Transas AIS Network software and base stations AIS T-214.
The project’s key feature is availability of specially developed Web-portal (, which integrates information from subsystems of the UkrRIS and provides users with real time information.
A number of elements of e-navigation, including the ability to automatic exchange of information via AIS channel, the automatic sending of messages to the ship, the monitoring of the navigation software using technology AIS AtoN, the transmission of differential correction signals of global navigation satellite systems (DGNSS) etc. are implemented in the UkrRIS.
The system’s differential peculiarity is ability to send electronic notices to boat masters which are automatically translated into 24 European languages.
This solution creates the conditions for navigation of foreign vessels on the inland waterways of Ukraine.
The software-hardware complex of the UkrRIS provides an interface for a possible exchange of information on navigation in real-time with similar services in neighboring countries.
The advantages of the UkrRIS also include the ability to provide and display on the electronic maps the information about the current fleet deployment on the waterway, schemes and location of ports, locks, bridges, hydroelectric power stations, registration of the voyages and recording of the passages of control points on the inland waterways, which allows you to collect statistics on traffic flow and freight flows.


Delta-pilot branch of state enterprise Ukrainian sea ports authority


Oleksii Liashenko, Head of River Information Service,



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