The Covadem project (cooperative navigable depth measurements – Coöperatieve vaardieptemetingen) was launched in April 2013. The project is aimed at sharing current navigable depth measurements, with the help of which shipmasters will be able to navigate more efficiently in future and make maximum use of the navigable area provided by the waterway. This is done as follows: inland waterway vessels are provided with a basic on-board computer to read the data from existing sensors, such as the echo-sounder, loading gauge, GPS and optionally, the fuel gauges, and then compile the data into a message and send this to shore. Based on these measurements, the current measured keel clearance is converted into the current water depth of the route being navigated. These current navigable depth measurements are made available to shipmasters so that, in future, these data can be used for predicting the water depths of the route to be navigated. This will help shipmasters navigate more efficiently.