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The EU Directive 2006/87/EC, the RheinSchUO and EC Regulation 164/2010 establish the minimum set of hull data to be exchanged among vessel certification authorities and with RIS Authorities. The European Hull Database (EHDB) facilitates this data exchange. The information is needed for

  • Vessel certification authorities - to avoid assigning more than one European Vessel Identification Numbers (ENIs) for one vessel.
  • RIS Authorities - for several RIS applications such as keeping lock diaries and preparing lock statistics.

A European Hull Database (EHDB) facilitates this data exchange. Therefore, the EC requested PLATINA to execute a pilot operation, “proof of concept” phase, which started in March 2009 and will end in October 2012. The main objective of this phase is to provide the pilot service to “early” users and to gradually interconnect with additional vessel certification authorities and RIS authorities. In April 2010, the construction phase of the EHDB (PLATINA) pilot system was concluded. In May 2010, the pilot operation of the EHDB started with a training of the users from the authorities involved. At present (June 2014), about 50 authorities from 10 different countries are interconnected to the European Hull Database.

At present (June 2014), about 12.800 vessels are available in the database, which represents around 80% of the European Fleet. The operation of the European Hull Database is financed by the European Commission, Directive 2013/49/EU requires the national authorities to update the datasets at a regular basis.