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Reference data are used by various RIS applications. They include data on the inland waterway network infrastructure, for instance the location of locks, bridges and ports. These data are provided by national authorities. Skippers consult these data through various RIS applications; therefore, the data needs to be consolidated and maintained in a structured manner, in order to facilitate the usage of consistent data in diverse onboard applications.

The ERDMS also facilitates the management and publication of the RIS data codes and reference tables (sub sets). The codes maintained by the ERDMS relate to the:
  • RIS index: data related to infrastructure (RIS objects) on inland waterways (such as junctions, locks, bridges, berths, gauges etc).
  • ADN codes: as specified in 2008/68/EC
  • HS codes: harmonised system codes from the customs organisation (non-dangerous goods)
  • ERI Locations: (also known as SRS codes) as used in ERI (electronic reporting) using the ERINOT message. At the moment the SRS codes overlap with the RIS index, but this ERI location set also includes all the international locations outside of Europe
  • Container types: to identify the type of container (ISO 6364)
  • Country codes: the several country codes for all the countries (ISO 3166)
  • Inner package type: (UN Rec 21)
  • Ship type: to describe the type of transport (UN Rec 28)
  • Notices to Skippers codes

Schematically, the context of the ERDMS is depicted in the following figure (as seen from the “RIS Data Admin Focal Point” on the left and with the Users on the right side):

RIS Data Management Service context
Countries are responsible for keeping their national data up-to-date according to the data management procedures defined in the Platina project.
Application manufacturers and RIS users, and even citizens can download inland waterway network related data from the ERDMS.
The ERDMS is currently operated by the European Commission.

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