Maintenance of Inland ENC (Electronic Navigational Charts) Register and the digital parts of the Inland ENC standard

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Inland ENC's have to provide up-to-date information and need to be compatible with maritime ECDIS. Within the PLATINA project the requirements for keeping the ENC Register up-to-date have been defined and agreed with the various EG's in 2009. Since 2010, PLATINA supports the maintenance of the Register. The contributors to the production of Inland ENC and its applications are assisted in developing new entries for the IENC Feature Concept Dictionary.

Compatibility with maritime ECDIS has been a goal of the Inland ECDIS from the very onset. When IHO started the development of the successor of the S-57 standard, S-100 and S-101, the Inland ENC Harmonisation Group (IEHG) immediately realised that especially the S-100 Geospatial Information Registry that was part of this development would be very helpful in maintaining and even improving such compatibility.

The S-100 Geospatial Information Registry (previously called Register) consists of:
  • a Hydro Domain - being maintained by IHO;
  • an Inland ECDIS Domain;
  • an ICE Domain;
  • a MIO Domain;
  • a Port ENC Domain (only since recently).
Presently, the Feature Concept Dictionaries (FCD) containing the registered entries of Feature, Attribute, Enumeration and Information types for use in product based Feature Catalogues in these domains are the most relevant.

Within the S-100 concept a Feature Catalogue, e.g. the IENC Feature Catalogue, can contain entries from the FCDs of different Domains. In case of the IENC Feature Catalogue it will clear that it will contain many (but not all) of the entries in the HYDRO FCD next to all valid entries in the IENC FCD.
Anyone who is involved in the production of Inland ENCs or the production of Inland ENC applications and representatives of user groups can make proposals for new entries in the IENC Feature Concept Dictionary. In general proposals are posted on the IENC Discussion Forum to start discussion about the proposal. The Inland ENC Domain Manager(s) review proposals for completeness and distribute the proposal to IEHG Core Group (Domain Control Body) and the Executive Control Body of the IHO registry for review/comment. The Executive Control Body may for example decide that it is worthwhile to include the proposed entry in the HYDRO Domain. Proposed entries that pass the initial review are inserted in the IENC FCD, but are initially flagged as NOT- VALID. The approval period is 6 weeks. If a consensus is reached to accept, the proposal is then flagged as VALID in the IENC FCD.

The aforementioned procedure is presently still in young and the Registry still an alpha version, but the concept has already helped to streamline the maintenance of the Inland ECDIS Standard and to improve cooperation between the HYDRO and Inland ECDIS Domains.

While PLATINA starting the activites in 2010, currently, the maintenance activities of the Inland ECDIS Domain and related activities like maintenance of the Inland ECDIS Look-up Tables, IENC symbols, example IENC, etc are financially supported by the European Commission. Work is executed by Periskal and Serendipidy.