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Dear reader, RIS contributor,

We aim to develop an up-to-date, complete, list of all European RIS projects. We kindly ask for your contribution.

You are requested to fill out this list (hereunder) on one or more RIS projects in your country. Per project one form, please. The project can relate to a project already executed, a project which is ongoing or a project planned (the form allows you the fill out the status of the project). Most parts of the form are multiple choices; you only need to click on the right answer.

For the first two items of the project details form, we request you to find your own words filling out the name and description of the project, free space. Thereby you can also send us some additional written information and/or a powerpoint presentation, which we can add onto the database.

After a marginal check of your contribution, your project shall be included into this portal. In case we have a question we shall contact you.

We are really looking forward to your contributions,

Kind regards,
Ena Kereš Bibić
(webmaster RIS-portal)

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